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Diverse Communities Restoring Nature Together

Welcome to 3D NatureConnect

3D NatureConnect is a non-profit marketplace actively fueling nature restoration in the real world. Organizations with expert skills use our platform to collaborate with schools, youth organizations, civic groups, retirement communities, and other partners to implement practical, high-impact projects.

Changing the world together – one local project after another!

Number 1

Publish your organization’s projects or volunteer your team’s time and talent

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Leverage expert assistance and capable volunteers to drive successful outcomes

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Use our analytics and workflow tools to expand outreach and influence

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Get to Know 3D NatureConnect

Learn how the 3D NatureConnect platform connects nature organizations to K-12 schools, youth organizations, retirement communities, and businesses seeking volunteer opportunities, and how nature organizations are able to publish projects related to nature and the environment, as well as track volunteer hours and other analytics to power their organization to the next level of achievement.

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Nature Organizations

  • Publish thoughtful, high-value projects that attract capable volunteer groups.
  • Stakeholders can track project progress, outcomes, and real-world impact.
  • Participants and stakeholders can use our tools to track contributed hours

Schools, Civic Groups, and Businesses

  • Find local projects that match your group’s aspirations and join in.
  • Seek expert help or request volunteer participation in projects you’ve designed.
  • Share your success with other members of the 3D NatureConnect network.
  • Sponsor the sorts of organizations whose work you find valuable.
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